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Almost 20pc of Lotto winners 'would ditch partner if the price was right'


We dream of a Lotto win – but would you dump your partner?

We dream of a Lotto win – but would you dump your partner?

We dream of a Lotto win – but would you dump your partner?

Almost one-in-five Irish lottery players would dump their partners in a second if they won a massive jackpot. Some of those said they would use their new found wealth to find a better partner.

According to the poll of 1,734 lottery players logging onto the international lottery website lottoland.ie, 19pc of punters would bid adieu to their other-half if they won a big jackpot.

Participants in the online survey who indicated they were in a serious relationship for at least a year were asked if they would remain in a relationship with their partner if they won a multi-million euro jackpot.

While the majority said a massive windfall wouldn't make them end their relationship, almost one in five said they would happily "consciously un-couple" if they came into big money.

Almost a quarter of those who stated that they would leave their lover if the money was right admitted they would use their new-found wealth to upgrade their choice of partner.

They agreed that money would make them "better equipped and able to find a better suited partner".


But the study also revealed that the majority of those punters who would cash-in and run are looking to get out of their current relationship anyway.

Close to 70pc (68pc) revealed they are unhappy in their current relationships but can't afford to leave their partner for various financial reasons.

But the fact that money is the only thing stopping some people from having a happy relationship is quite sad actually, said Nigel Birrell, CEO of lottoland.ie.

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"To see that such a large percentage of those in Ireland would see it as a chance to end their relationship is extremely saddening. No-one should feel inclined to stay in an unhappy union, or feel like they can't add to their family because of financial worries. Matters of the heart can't be resolved with money," he said.

But that didn't stop Los Angeles woman Denise Rossi from filing for divorce from her husband Thomas a month after she won $1.3m in 1996.

However, a judge in 2001 ordered her to hand the entire windfall to him after she admitted to hiding her winnings from him to avoid a divorce settlement.

She was ordered to hand over the entire pot by a Los Angeles judge for falsifying data.

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