Thursday 12 December 2019

All about you - treat yourself to the best beauty products says Triona McCarthy

Love yourself first, says Triona McCarthy. Photo: Gerry Mooney.
Love yourself first, says Triona McCarthy. Photo: Gerry Mooney.
Charlotte Tilbury's Cheek to Chic: Love is the Drug Swish & Pop Blusher.
Clarisonic's Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution kit.
Diptyque Rosaviola scented candle.
Trendsetter Alexa Chung.
Giorgio Armani's Vert Malachite.

Triona McCarthy

You have to love yourself before anyone else can, says our resident beauty boffin, so treat yourself to some of the hottest new beauty products.

Triona's trends

Diptyque Rosaviola scented candle.

"If you don't love yourself, you'll always be chasing after people who don't love you either."

Today being Valentine's Day, I'm reminded of how far I've come in my so-called life. I've had some really crappy Valentine's Days in the past, but since I met Will four years ago, they have got a lot better.

I've finally learned that you have to love yourself before someone else can love you. Your ideal partner is a reflection of you, and we attract people that are like us.

So whether you love it, hate it, or couldn't care less about Valentine's Day, I'm doing a love-themed load of products here. How bad? Take the time to say "I love you" to yourself, and learn just how important a practice that is - and if you fancy self-gifting, here are my top picks!

This Diptyque Rosaviola scented candle, above, €55, Brown Thomas, looks so delish! Designer Olympia Le-Tan, renowned for her spirit and passion for pink, has done a collaboration with the famous French fragrance peeps. I adore the blend of roses, traces of lipstick, and the subtle warmth of leather.

You know that glow you get when you're in love? Charlotte Tilbury's Cheek to Chic: Love is the Drug Swish & Pop Blusher, below, €39, Brown Thomas, gives you just that, with its shimmering, ultra-flattering colour.

It's a two-step application - simply swish the outside blusher colour onto your cheekbones, then pop the centre pink shade onto the apples of your cheeks and blend, for a gorgeous glow!

Charlotte Tilbury's Cheek to Chic: Love is the Drug Swish & Pop Blusher.

Triona's trick

Clarisonic's Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution kit.

I drive Will wild in bed - oh yeah - because I'm always flipping my pillow. I don't sleep prettily, I drool and sweat - sexy or wha? - and this goes directly onto my pillowcase, so I like to turn my pillow back and forth, left and right and upside down, to find a space my face hasn't touched. Try it, and you'll notice your skin getting clearer. #3inabed

Ugly or dull

"I'd rather be ugly than dull," Will, my other half, is fond of saying, and I always say I'd rather be pretty and fat than skinny and ugly, which always leads us to the 'ugly intelligent girl' or 'beautiful dull girl' conundrum.

Now, what has me going on about that? Oh yes, dull - or, more specifically, dull skin.

Clarisonic's new Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution kit, right, €249, Brown Thomas - complete with a Clarisonic Radiance brush head and handle, a cleanser, a peel wash, and a serum - directly targets dull, uneven skintone and hyperpigmentation. Best of all, if you already have a Clarisonic, you can simply attach the Radiance brush head to your handle and use the new cleansers and serums.

I met up with the delightful Dr Robb Akridge from Clarisonic to blind me with the science behind the new launch.

Anyway, I'm hooked - my skin has never felt so good, having used the brush and products for the last month.

Nailed it

Trendsetter Alexa Chung.

Rose-gold nails are my new thang. I think of my nails as jewellery, and I just cannot get enough of Mayfair Market Mews, a rose-gold-foil colour, €18, from Nails Inc.

I have it done at the nail bar at Brown Thomas Dublin, which has moved down to the back of the second floor at the mo, as they're currently revamping the whole fashion area.

This colour is like nothing I've tried before, and it's part of the new Sweet Almonds range of colours beloved by trendsetter Alexa Chung, above.

Each shade has a sweet almond oil base, and is enriched with matcha powder, which is a powerful and potent antioxidant.

The result is an intense moisture boost, for optimum nail health and protection.

Triona's most wanted

Giorgio Armani's Vert Malachite.

"Mummy, look at the birds eating daddy's nuts," Maxi, my two-year-old, shouted at me excitedly this morning, as he pointed to the window, where I saw a greenfinch and a robin nibbling away at the nuts in the birdfeeders that Will had hung from a tree in our garden.

I don't know why, but I'm reminded of the birds when I look at the exquisite new duo of perfumes from Giorgio Armani called Vert Malachite, above, and Rouge Malachite, €285 each, at Brown Thomas. These scents are from a new series, titled Terres Precieuses (Precious Lands), in the exclusive Armani/Prive collection of fancypants fragrances, and are the artistic olfactory creations conceived by Giorgio Armani during his travels.

If you haven't tried any of them, you should, as they are just so different to anything else that's going on in the fragrance world. They smell so damn expensive!

Anyhoo, the two new eaux de parfum - check me out, Frenching it up here - are floral compositions centering on lily and tuberose, and were inspired by Russia, where malachite is a semi-precious stone. In the Russian culture of luxury, it was used in lieu of marble, notably in the Malachite Room at the Winter Palace in St Petersburg.

I swear you won't find me hovering around the counter in BTs, busily dousing myself with these beauties!

Cult product


Right now, I'm McLovin this GWP (gift with purchase). It's exclusive to Brown Thomas, and worth €166, with the purchase of three or more Lancome products, and can include a Clarisonic.

You get a full-size Absolue Precious Cells Pure Cleansing Foam and Nutrix Royal hand cream, a mini L'Absolue Rouge lipstick, a Hypnose mascara and an Absolue Precious Cells Day Cream, above.

Now that's a precious gift to me!

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