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Aiden's amazing Poldark appeal




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Fifteen minutes of fame?

Even Andy Warhol couldn't have anticipated the phenomenon of Aiden Turner - or as fans call him, the "gift that keeps on giving". The revamped Poldark starring the handsome young Dubliner in the titular role has been on screens a month and the fevered interest in the actor has yet to wane.

In fact, with each passing week it gets more fevered - Turner is a hit with women of all ages, gay men and straight men.

There is no demographic that the handsome actor doesn't appeal to and there is no end to the public's fascination with Turner's amazing smile, his toned physique, his abundant curls and his Tricorn hat.

Author Marian Keyes produced a tongue-in-cheek Poldark Bingo card (spotting the clichés that are repeated weekly, such as 'Ross gallops across a cliff' 'Ross takes his shirt off') for her Twitter feed and it was promptly reproduced by a British weekly magazine.

We should now prepare for a deluge of Poldark merchandise as canny businessmen are no doubt planning production of Poldark toothpaste and a range of 'Head & Smoulders' haircare products.

Even Cheryl F-D, Queen of home haircare, would no doubt agree that our Aiden is "worth it".

As the campaign for the UK general election kicks off the major party leaders (who, let's face it, are all pretty interchangeable) and would give anything for a fraction of Turner's popularity, are probably assembling focus groups and spin doctors to try to access the 'Poldark Effect'.

Mark our words, we could yet see at least one of them wearing breeches and a Tricorn hat.

Anne Marie Scanlon

Sunday Independent