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Youth club hooks up with George to raise funds

BROADCASTER and television personality George Hook is fronting a campaign to raise much-needed funds for the Belvedere Youth Club for disadvantaged youths.

The popular presenter has recorded a video appeal encouraging viewers to support the club, which has been serving the youth of Dublin's inner city for 92 years and is the oldest club of its kind in the State.

About 5,200 DVD copies of the video, which can also be seen at YouTube.com, are being sent to former pupils and others within the wider Belvedere College community.

Hook, who donated his services, said that even as a Cork man he was absolutely delighted to associate himself with such a good cause.

"In these tough economic times, clubs like the Belvedere Youth Club deserve all our support," he said, as he encouraged everyone, particularly those with a Belvedere connection, to dig deep.

It is hoped that, with the backing of the celebrity presenter, the DVD will bring in a sizeable portion of the €200,000 running costs raised on a voluntary basis for the club every year.

The Belvedere Youth Club, which was originally founded in 1918 to provide welfare and assistance to Dublin Newsboys, caters for over 400 local children, aged between seven and 20 years.

Through the club, the youngsters are involved in a wide range of activities, including arts, crafts, ceramics, drama, cooking, sports, computer skills, and after-school homework assistance.

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