Wednesday 22 November 2017

Young mum, son (3) and pregnant friend left 'freaked out' after 'scary road rage incident'

Road rage incident occurred on the Lower Glanmire Road between Tivoli and Dunkettle (Photo: Google Maps)
Road rage incident occurred on the Lower Glanmire Road between Tivoli and Dunkettle (Photo: Google Maps)
Ralph Riegel

Ralph Riegel

A YOUNG mother, her three year old child and her pregnant friend were left terrified after a suspected road rage incident in Cork.

The woman, known only as Christina, is terrified her green Opel Corsa car was deliberately targeted last night by the young male driver of a white BMW with an object believed to have been thrown at her rear window.

A hole was punched in the window by the object and the terrified occupants of the Opel initially feared the car had been struck by a gunshot.

The bizarre incident occurred between Tivoli and Dunkettle in Cork shortly after 7pm last night - and Christina admitted she is baffled as to the reason for the attack.

"I had been out for dinner with my friend and my three year old child," she told Cork's 96FM.

"I was driving back on the Lower Glanmire Road heading towards the (Lee) tunnel."

"It was about 6.45pm or so. When I got to the roundabout and was slowing down, I heard a big bang. I looked back and there was this white car right up the back of me."

"The noise was so loud it was like a gunshot - that's what I thought it was."

"I drove on quickly. I didn't know what to do so I drove up by two garages and drove in. I took the child out of the car."

"I looked and the white car was driving past and (the driver) was staring at me."

"We didn't have a clue who it was."

"It was my friend got half the registration number - it was an 11 C BMW. It was white in colour."

"It was a young man driving it - maybe in his early 20s. He had a hat on, a kind of snap-back hat."

"My window is completely gone. What happened was there was a hole in it when I parked up. My dad came to the scene and took my child. He said to drive home slowly and, when I started driving, the window just caved in."

A search of the car yielded nothing and it is now believed some type of heavy object was thrown at the car rather than it being struck by any kind of bullet or pellet.

"We didn't find anything. We couldn't find nothing. I rang the Gardaí when I came home but they said I have to come in today to make a complaint."

Christina said she and her friends were left baffled by what happened and why anyone would target her or her old Opel Corsa.

"It was so loud there had to be something thrown at my car. It was also just the way he drove past (the garage) and stared in - it freaked me out."

"My friend looked back after the incident and she said he stayed at the roundabout. He didn't leave the roundabout when he had a chance to. But when I exited the roundabout he left - and then he drove past the garage really slowly."

"It was quite scary. Everyone is grand, thank God, but it was very scary."

Gardaí are set to examine CCTV security camera footage from the Tivoli and Dunkettle areas to determine what happened.

Anyone who was in the area at the time and who may dash-cams fitted to their cars is asked to assist with the inquiry.

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