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Wednesday 18 September 2019

Young Kinahan gang criminals make barber shop their new HQ in capital

Kinahan cartel boss Liam Roe
Kinahan cartel boss Liam Roe

Ken Foy

The new Dublin headquarters for the Kinahan cartel - from which they run meetings planning their lucrative drugs operation - is a south Dublin barber shop.

Gardaí are aware that many of the so-called "new generation" of younger cartel criminals have been meeting in the barber shop and major cartel figure Liam Roe has also been spotted there.

A group of a dozen young men closely associated with members of the cartel have been described as the next generation of lieutenants in the capital.

They are running the cartel's Dublin drugs business following the exile of key players, including gang boss Liam Byrne.

News of the cartel's new base comes after major successes by the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) against the Dublin branch of the gang. It has seen them move to confiscate a number of properties belonging to top cartel figures, including Liam Byrne's heavily renovated Crumlin home.

"This is a recent enough development and gardaí are monitoring the situation," a source said.

"Previously these types of meetings would have happened at Liam Byrne's house in Raleigh Square but, after the huge CAB investigation, they are now taking place in a barber shop. It is effectively being used as an office for the cartel," the source added.

The owner of the barber shop does not have criminal convictions but he is friendly with a number of young criminals aligned to the cartel who are considered to be the main drug traffickers in the southside of the city and beyond.

Liam Roe, who was described in the High Court as being involved in organised crime for most of his adult life, has been regularly spotted at the barber shop in recent weeks talking to younger criminals.

He was a prime target of the CAB in its fight to seize some €1.4m worth of assets from the Liam Byrne organisation, which controls the cartel's activities in Dublin.

He is Liam Byrne's constant companion and "an integral part of the crime gang", according to gardaí.

Roe has claimed he is unemployed, relying on his father's financial support and on friends for transport.

But he was once stopped at Dublin Airport with €60,000 in his check-in bag. When challenged, he produced a bank account that showed a balance of €294,000.

His lavish lifestyle was laid bare in court, including a number of holidays to luxury destinations.

He took six trips in one year to the UK, America and Spain, taking in Conor McGregor's fight with Chad Mendes in Las Vegas in July 2015.

Roe has also been targeted during the long-running Hutch/Kinahan feud, but survived after a gunman's handgun jammed.

The incident happened at the Red Cow Hotel in November 2015, and resulted in increased tensions between the feuding gangs.

Another young criminal who has been spotted at the barber shop is a Crumlin-based drug-dealer aged in his 20s who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Late last year, undercover officers seized a revolver linked to the young criminal. Sources have indicated that other investigations into him are "alive and active".

The volatile criminal is closely linked to Liam Byrne and is suspected of involvement in criminality since he was a juvenile.

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