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Sunday 25 February 2018

Young girl shocked after finding three kittens dumped in recycling bin

Daniel O'Connor

A young girl was left horrified when she found three kittens wrapped in a shoebox and thrown into a recycling centre bin in Cork.

Speaking to REDfm’s Neil Prendeville, a Cork woman named Maureen told the story of how her daughter, Rachel, came to find the kittens outside the Douglas Court shopping centre.

“She took some bags to the clothes bank at Douglas Court around two o’clock, and putting in the last bag she heard meowing and thought that there was a cat behind her,” Maureen said.

“She went back and discovered that it was coming from the clothes bin. So she ran across to the Dunnes Stores delivery yard until one lad there came along.”

Maureen went onto explain how her daughter got security guards and two Gardaí to assist her in arranging for the kittens to be helped and to prevent anybody else from putting bags in the bin.

“She waited for four hours at that bin in case anyone tried to put anything in. “In fairness to the management to Douglas Court and the two guards that came, they were brilliant.”

She said that it wasn’t until Gardaí called the recycling company threatening to have the Fire Brigade from cutting the bin open before they sent somebody to unlock it over four hours after the kittens had been heard.

“Your man came, emptied the bin and took out a shoebox wrapped in twine with three kittens inside. Their eyes weren’t even open,” Maureen said.

The three kittens were taken the two Gardaí to the local vet before being brought home by one of the shopping centre security guards, who also works with the Cork Cat Action Trust.

CCTV footage is currently been examined by Douglas Court Shopping Centre before being passed onto An Garda Síochána as evidence.

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