Wednesday 17 January 2018

Young family is wrongly targeted by pipe bombers


Gardai are convinced innocent people are going to be killed after yet another innocent victim -- a woman with three young children -- was the mistaken target of an overnight pipe-bomb attack in Dublin.

The device was left on a bedroom windowsill at the woman's home in Mary Aikenhead flats in Basin Street, Dublin. It failed to explode but if it had done it could have caused death or serious injury to the family.

It was discovered at 6.30am yesterday on windowsill on a balcony corridor used by dozens of adults and children.

The Army Ordnance Corps dealt with a call-out to another pipe bomb at Tory Hill, Croom in Limerick on Friday night. This was also a live bomb.

Gardai believe it was being stored in a derelict building to use in an attack in the city.

Gardai in Dublin believe the bomb in Basin Street was planted by associates of the criminal Freddie Thompson, who is again involved in feuding with rivals from the south inner city.

There had been a firebomb attack on Thompson's mother's house at Loreto Road in the Coombe area two weeks ago.

The bombs are being sold to criminals by a traveller family based in north Dublin, gardai believe, and they are becoming increasingly dangerous.

While the bombs being used by criminals are becoming increasingly dangerous, the mainly young criminals who actually plant them show reckless disregard for life and a large proportion of the devices are planted outside the wrong houses or under innocent people's cars.

In most instances the real bombs and hoax devices are intended to intimidate rather than kill. But, two years ago a device exploded not far from the scene of yesterday's attack in Dublin and sent shrapnel through the windows of four houses in a street of The Coombe.

All the houses were occupied and none of the occupants was in any way involved in crime. Gardai were initially puzzled but later learned the bomber had planted the bomb in the wrong street.

The Army Ordnance Corps said they had dealt with 168 call-outs this year and 30 of the bombs they defused were "viable", capable of causing death or injury.

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