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Tuesday 24 October 2017

You must have a clean record for life of grime at tax office

Paul Melia

Paul Melia

WANTED: Cleaners prepared to undergo garda security screening and a tax audit.

The Revenue Commissioners is looking to employ contract cleaners prepared to undergo a rigorous screening process so that taxpayers' affairs are kept private and away from criminal elements.

The taxman wants cleaners to work at its 29 offices across the State, but have set out the exacting standards they require from companies hoping to secure the annual €500,000 contract.

"For security screening purposes... the successful tenderer may be required to provide within 21 days the name, address, date of birth and PPS number of all the staff to be engaged on cleaning duties covered under the contract," tender documents state.

"Written agreement from the named personnel for this security screening to be carried out by reference to the Garda Siochana will also be required. Details of recruitment procedures, including background checks on staff, should also be supplied."

And both companies and workers will also be obliged to allow authorities take an in-depth look at their tax affairs if they want the job.

"Tenderers should state that their tax affairs are in order and that obtaining a tax clearance certificate from the Revenue Commissioners would not pose a problem for them... all sub-contractors employed on the project must produce a tax reference number where payments exceed €650," it adds.

"Revenue reserves the right to verify that the management and staff of the successful tenderer are tax compliant."

A spokesman explained that the screening process was in place to ensure people with criminal records did not have access to sensitive data. He added that security was taken "very seriously".

"There is a screening process and it's to make sure that people with criminal records are not working in Revenue offices. I'd imagine that pertains to every office in the civil service," he said.


"We would have a policy that all files are locked away once the officer has left their desk. The policy applies even if you leave your desk for lunch.

"If using a laptop, it should always be secured if left unsupervised so it cannot be removed from the desk. Security is taken very seriously."

The tender puts a 'conservative' estimate on the contract of €500,000 per year.

Companies will have to clean 4,500 square feet of offices in an hour, and should also be able to deploy "deep cleaning teams" if required.

Companies have until April 3 to submit bids.

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