Tuesday 17 September 2019

'You feel like you’re obliged to do everything' - Yewande understands Maura Higgins' post-Love Island burnout

Yewande Biala at the Virgin Media Television new season launch. PIC: Brian McEvoy
Yewande Biala at the Virgin Media Television new season launch. PIC: Brian McEvoy

Gabija Gataveckaite

LOVE Island star Yewande Biala (23) has opened up about her experiences after coming out of the villa, saying that life has been “intense”.

Speaking to Independent.ie at the new season launch of Virgin Media TV, she explained that when she was dumped from the island after her partner Danny coupled up with Arabella, she was overwhelmed with press and interviews.

“The minute I got out, it was really, really, intense as you can imagine but now I feel like I’m really settling in,” she said. 

“My new reality is just taking every day as it comes.”

Yewande Biala
Yewande Biala

She said that leaving the villa was “bizzare”.

“Coming out of the villa was a bit bizzare because you don’t really know what to expect when you come out, because you’ve been in there for quite a while and you don’t know the reception you’re coming out to.”

Regarding Maura Higgins’ latest announcement that she’ll take a few days off as she has “had no time off since leaving the villa”, Yewande said: “I think that everyone kind of feels that way because obviously you come out and you have so many things lined up for you, press, interviews, PAs [personal appearances].

“You feel like you’re obliged to do everything and make everything.

Maura Higgins on ITV's This Morning
Maura Higgins on ITV's This Morning

“I feel like sometimes you just need to take a step back and just breathe really and take care of yourself,” she added.

She agreed that she had several of these moments. 

“I feel like the difference between me and Maura is that she is doing PA so she’s kind of, more now, so I think I kind of had a few days here and there just to take it easy,” said Ms Biala.

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However, the Meath native added that she received a lot of support after leaving the villa. 

“I think the aftercare is, from what I experienced, amazing. I think that when we were in the villa, the care that we had there was extremely good, even without the producers always checking up on you. 

“When you step out of the villa, the front door, they’re literally across in little prefabs so they’re on site 24/7. 

“It’s such an intense experience sometimes you just have to take an hour for yourself and just relax really.”

She said that she missed life in the villa.

“Regular life is amazing but the villa brings a different type of excitement, so I do miss it a little bit,” she said.

“Eventually I will [go back to her old job], but now I’m just going to take an extended leave, we’ll call it, but I think I just want to explore this new life and see where it takes me and just enjoy it while I can.”

Love Island was on everyone’s lips at the launch of the new season and The Tonight Show’s Matt Cooper joked that he wanted to see Maura Higgins present the show with him rather than his usual co-star Ivan Yates.

“I would be far happier having Maura Higgins beside me than Ivan,” joked Mr Cooper.

“She has a really sassy approach to things and we always like to give our viewers the fanny flutters,” he said.

“Love Island, what a waste of space,” added Mr Yates.

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