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You can count on Twitter to be first with possible election result

The historic election of Fianna Fail's eighth leader was officially announced on Twitter, proving once and for all that politicians aren't stubbornly resistant to new concepts.

Use of the micro-messaging website enabled Fianna Fail to bypass conventional media and communicate directly with its 4,000-plus registered followers who duly retweeted it to hundreds and thousands of others.

Since then, dozens of aspiring politicians have migrated online and registered with the networking site that already commands some 150,000 Irish tweeters. Over 120 politicians are now tweet-happy.

From now until February 25, our proactive politicians will be facebooking, tweeting and blogging in a concerted bid to get noticed.

The immediacy and immense popularity of Twitter will truly emerge on count day, with party activists and journalists frantically tweeting minute-by-minute counts from election centres countrywide.

Those die-hard tweeters, who already watch current affairs programmes with laptop on knee readying to compose 140-character messages, will use it to build early impressions on the likely election result.

Just as Willie O'Dea became the first minister to be tweeted out of office, this election may become the first to be called on Twitter.

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