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Yes, they said that . . . campaign quotes that hit the headlines

"It does appear from the case of Fine Gael here, the Galway tent has been replaced by the Castlebar campsite."

Former Green Party leader Trevor Sargent takes a sideswipe at Fine Gael's attitude to accepting corporate donations.

"TV debates have been the norm since JFK."

Labour Party deputy leader Joan Burton assures Enda Kenny he has nothing to be afraid of in facing Vincent Browne.

"I am not contemplating any incineration or otherwise of the Green party."

Green Party leader John Gormley is used to questions about being recycled, dumped or incinerated.

"I'm probably not someone who should be in politics at all. I'm not a natural canvasser at all. I'm not a people person."

FG's Leo Varadkar.

"I'm nothing better off now than the day I went into the Dail. My wife asks me every month, 'When is the cheque coming?'"

FF TD Johnny Brady.

"Well, I can't name them."

Gerry Adams on being asked to whom he was referring as a "deeply corrupt political elite".

"You're not Michael Collins."

Fine Gael's Fergus O'Dowd to Gerry Adams after the SF leader compared himself to the War of Independence hero.

"I'm not a long-time supporter of anybody. Actually, I don't even get a vote here. I'm not resident in Ireland."

Johnny Giles on his support for a Dublin Labour candidate.

"This election is about international economic and government budgets, but it is also about home economics and the family budget."

Eamon Gilmore focuses on families.

"Politicians too often take the people for granted. Maybe they don't at election time when they are going round begging for votes. But experience has taught us for the five years in between elections, they certainly do take them for granted." Mick Wallace, independent candidate in the Wexford constituency.

"I've made several mistakes. I think everybody makes mistakes. No matter what field of life we're in, we all make mistakes."

Eamon Gilmore admits to getting the odd thing wrong during the election campaign.

"Fine Gael has a conservative and right-wing agenda at its core, which I believe will come to the fore if they form a single-party government." Green Party leader John Gormley.

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