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Saturday 16 December 2017

Yates: 'I treat back-pain pills like Smarties'

Ivan Yates. Picture: Naoise Culhane
Ivan Yates. Picture: Naoise Culhane

Broadcaster Ivan Yates has said he sometimes takes Difene "like Smarties" to battle his chronic back pain.

The former agriculture minister has battled the debilitating condition since 2001 and had spinal fusion surgery in 2011.

Unfortunately, the surgery didn't work and Mr Yates still has severe back pain.

He has now learnt to manage it with medication but can no longer sit for long periods of time.

"I take two things for the pain and everyone says, 'You'll have no kidneys and liver left'. I take Difene, the maximum dose of 75mg, and I sort of treat them like Smarties on certain occasions, and the other one is Solpadol, which is a Codeine-based one. If you're in pain, do not suffer in silence. Do go see your doctor because your body is saying, 'there's something wrong here'," he said.

He was helping launch the 'mypainfeelslike...' campaign, an initiative from Grünenthal Pharma Ltd and Chronic Pain Ireland.

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