Monday 23 April 2018

Would you rather pay the tv licence fee or lose RTE channels? Have your say Newsdesk Newsdesk

RTÉ's Director General Dee Forbes has argued for an increase in the TV licence fee - but is it what viewers want? took to the streets of Dublin to ask the question: Would you rather get rid of RTÉ channels or pay your tv licence?

"Get rid of RTÉ because to be honest with you, people can’t afford a TV licence. There are people in a predicament where they can hardly afford to put food on their table, never mind worry about people knocking on their door looking for money for the TV licence," said Gary Swan, from East Wall.

Ms Dee Forbes told an Oireachtas Committee uncertainty surrounding reform of the TV licence system is making it "impossible" for RTÉ to plan ahead for the next year.

“I mean what are they going to do next, have us have a licence for a fridge because there’s a motor in it?” added Siobhan, from Dublin.

Dubliner Noel Burke said he was over the age where he had to pay for the TV licence but defended RTÉ: "Why get rid of it? It’s our station. And I’d miss the Angelus without it."

The cost of the TV licence was a main concern for people today with some calling for the fee to be reduced.

"For single mothers or people with big families it’s whatever is cheaper," Jasmine said.

In March, Ms Forbes suggested that the TV licence fee could be doubled before backtracking on the idea, saying it "wasn't practical", while Communications Minister Denis Naughten ruled out a substantial hike to the fee.

"I do enjoy RTÉ and watch RTÉ but if I didn’t have to pay the licence I’d go for that," Marie said.

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