Tuesday 23 January 2018

Workman unearths 400-year-old skeleton

Mark O'Regan

Nobody knows how he lived or died but yesterday -- 400 years on -- the remains of his skeleton were discovered.

Against the backdrop of Dublin's historic St Michan's Church, the bones were found by a workman from the Smithfield Improvement Project.

As the excavation work intensified early yesterday morning the remains were discovered protruding under a metre and half of rubble.

Franc Myles, archaeologist with Dublin City Council, said: "This is a significant find. I believe the bones date from the 1600s because we also found nearby a type of pottery from Devon in England, which dates from that time.

"I think this discovery might be an extension of St Michan's graveyard, which is only a stone's throw away from where the remains were discovered.

"We recovered hands and the legs -- but the pelvis, ribcage, arms and the skull were removed," he said.

"Even though this person died so long ago, we can still find out quite a lot about him," he added.

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