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Working in capital no guarantee of top wage

IT pays to work in Dublin, but some staff would be better off finding a job in our second largest city.

Workers such as customer service representatives, marketing product managers, bookkeepers and office staff earn more in Cork than the capital.

The pay analysis by recruitment agency Morgan McKinley's shows:

• Administrators with up to three years' experience earn up to €28,000 a year in Dublin but up to €32,000 in Cork, a difference of 14pc.

• Marketing product managers can earn up to €75,000 a year in Cork, 7pc more than the Dublin maximum of €70,000.

• Clerical assistants get up to €25,000 a year in Dublin while the top level is €26,000 in Cork.

Morgan McKinley said some salaries were higher in Cork because the talent pool for some positions was smaller.

"As a result, a premium has to be paid to attract people from outside Cork to take up these positions," said a spokesman.

Many other jobs are just as well paid in Cork as they are in Dublin.

However, most of the best-paid jobs are in Dublin and it makes huge financial sense for those in highly paid positions, based in the city, to stay put.

Managers heading up company in-house legal teams are paid up to €140,000 a year in Dublin, but this drops to €90,000 in Cork and €85,000 a year in the rest of the country.

Sales directors can earn up to €150,000 in Dublin, €140,000 in Cork and €130,000 in the regions, while marketing directors' wages range from €110,000 outside Dublin to €130,000 in Dublin.

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