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Workers scrutinised more than those on dole, says Fine Gael TD


Noel Harrington

Noel Harrington

Noel Harrington

Hard-working taxpayers trying to pay back mortgage debts "are being more harshly scrutinised than welfare recipients", Government TD Noel Harrington has claimed.

Mirroring growing concerns within Fine Gael about an "Orwellian style insolvency thought police", Mr Harrington also claimed that the restrictive nature of the proposed regime was creating a situation where "those trying to pay down debt are being treated more harshly than the recipients of welfare''.

In welfare, he said "you get your benefit and you're not told what to do with it. I have no issue with that, if Social Protection has the good sense to leave people alone.''

But those who are trying to pay debt down from their own private purse should not have less discretion than those being paid from the public purse, he said, adding, "I can understand banks setting aside or demanding a ratio of income to resolve debt but if you want to spend the remainder on Sky, on your children's education or food you should be free to do so."

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