Monday 26 February 2018

Worker is 'getting hit in every way'

Louise Hogan

Louise Hogan

GERI Mangan is a civil servant in a government department earning €30,000 a year.

Like many in their early 30s, she bought a house in the commuter belt due to high prices and now faces a lengthy and costly trip to work. Just last week her husband was laid off from his job in the construction sector.

"Where do you start? I'm going to be hit widely in an indirect fashion. Through property taxes, water charges and the VAT. It squeezes everything.

"The pension is also going to be hit and God love the people who have already retired. We already had the pension-related reduction added in last year.

"They are talking about a 10pc pay cut for new entrants to the public service and a reformed pension scheme. It is creating a two-tiered system, that happened in 1995 as well. Anyone before '95 is the only 'safe' civil servant.

"We are just about staying afloat at the moment.

"In the Croke Park Agreement they said they wouldn't touch pay under €35,000 over the next four-years but at the end of the day the whole country is seen as one and we are getting hit in every way."

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