Monday 18 December 2017

Words that were meant to wound

Budget 1991: "I always think the present Government led by the Taoiseach are like a group of cartoon figures trying to start an old banger of a car which is up on blocks, back firing, belching smoke; the Minister for Finance is under the bonnet fine-tuning it with a hammer; the Taoiseach is in the driving seat revving away, shouting instructions in all directions, doors and windows tightly shut because he is not that interested in where the car is going any more, his one interest is in assuming that nobody else climbs into the driving seat."

Budget 2000: "I feel a bit like Mark Twain when he visited Niagara Falls. His companion asked him if he was impressed and he said: 'Yes, I'm impressed all right, but I'd be more impressed if it flowed up the other way.' This is the most socially divisive budget I have seen presented to the House."

Immediately spotting Charlie McCreevy's tax individualisation landmine.

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