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Tuesday 12 November 2019

Word spreads on bog butter find

Eoghan MacConnell

Two men have discovered more than 100 pounds of "bog butter" while cutting turf .

Brian Clancy and his uncle Joe unearthed the find while working at Ballard Bog, near Tullamore, Co Offaly on Tuesday.

"We were cutting turf and I found what looked like a huge piece of timber," explained Joe Clancy.

"We took it out with a spade and it turned out to be bog butter," Joe said. "It looked like a keg or an urn with two handles and a lid carved from a solid piece of wood."

The butter was found in a large wooden vessel measuring a foot in diameter and almost two feet high. The container and butter have a combined weight of 104lb. It was buried at a depth of seven feet.

Bog butter is one of the more common archaeological finds on Irish bogs with finds dating back hundreds and possibly even thousands of years.

However, to find such a large amount is unusual.

Theories about bog butter range from that it was a special butter made for a certain season of the year to that it was a preservative.

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