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Women's pro-life group seeks Oireachtas hearing

A PRO-LIFE group of women who regret their abortions is receiving support in its bid to address the Oireachtas committee examining the X Case legislation.

The Oireachtas Health Committee will decide this week who to invite as witnesses before its hearings on the abortion legislation.

Fine Gael TD Billy Timmins has written to the committee asking it to allow the 'Women Hurt' organisation to appear before it as it considers the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill.

A campaign run by the group, highlighting a series of women's regrets after having an abortion, caused controversy and a spat with the National Women's Council of Ireland.

Mr Timmins said it was a "weakness" in the submissions by the committee when it held hearings on the Expert Group on Abortion report that it did not hear from the women.

Irish Independent