Tuesday 12 December 2017

Women tackle vasectomy and male baldness head-on as Irish men dither

Irish women are calling the shots when it comes to their man getting the snip.

More than half of enquiries (52pc) to clinics about vasectomy are made by women on their partner's behalf.

And nearly seven out of 10 approaches about male hair transplantation also come from women.

In a further indication that women take the lead as healthcare decision makers, almost two-thirds of enquiries about sexual health are made by females - perhaps reflecting the marked reluctance of some Irish males to engage with healthcare.

Women also take the lead in general family health.

Nearly eight out of 10 enquiries (78pc) about dental braces and allergy testing are made by women, according to the survey released by WhatClinic.com

Harvest Home at lovely Lissadell

The long-standing tradition of a Harvest Home Day at Lissadell House, initiated by Sir Robert Gore Booth in the 1840s, is being revived next month.

The Harvest Home will be a celebration of the taste and the crafts of the North West, and will give visitors an opportunity to taste and buy food as diverse as local artisan breads, jams, cakes, herbal teas, organic vegetables, crepes, vinaigrettes, waffles, condiments and flavoured butters.

Also available will be healthy snacks, fish, pudding and sausages, natural health products, craft beers, liqueurs and wine. For more details about the Harvest Home on Sunday, October 19, see: http://www.lissadellhouse.com.

Birds are a lot tougher than you think

Keep an eye out for Coal Tits gathering food as the leaves turn brown

At this time of year, their brains expand in volume by 30pc during the autumn burst of food storing so that the bird can remember where it left its winter stores of food.

That's one of the fascinating facts you will find in the authoritative and sumptuously illustrated book, Birds of the Homeplace - The Lives of Ireland's Familiar Birds, by Anthony McGeehan with Julian Wyllie.

It is published by The Collins Press, price €24.99 and is available in all good bookshops and online from www.collinspress.ie.

According to author Anthony McGeehan, who also runs birdwatching courses on Inishbofin, today's generation of birds are the toughest yet, as they migrate across a world that has changed over millions of years.

He cites the timeline of swallow migration throughout the millennia. There was once a time when their trip to Africa did not include crossing the Mediterranean, which did not exist, and migration routes were over lush land the whole way.

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