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Women make up less than a quarter of RTE's highest earners

LESS that a quarter of the highest-paid staff at RTE are women, the Irish Independent can reveal.

Of the 80 staff paid more than €100,000 just 19 are women, new figures released under Freedom of Information have shown.

And the figures reveal men dominate in all higher-paid jobs, with more women filling low-paid roles.

Last month the Irish Independent revealed that the 83 highest-paid staff in RTE were paid a combined €10m in 2011 – on top of €3m paid to its top 10 stars.

The revelation came after the release of figures showing just two women, Marian Finucane and Miriam O'Callaghan, among the top 10 earners for that year.

The latest figures are for staff members as opposed to contractors like Finucane and O'Callaghan and reveal that just 23pc of employees paid more than €100,000 at the end of 2012 were women.

Of RTE's 1,858 employees, almost half are women. However, this split is not represented in the salaries paid at all levels:

• Men paid between €80,000 and €100,000 outnumber women 77 to 46.

• There are 258 men on €60,000 to €80,000, compared to 154 women.

And the gender imbalance is flipped in the lower pay brackets:

• Women earning between €40,000 and €60,000 number 439, compared to 417 men.

• Men are outnumbered 219 to 168 among those paid less than €40,000.

RTE refused to provide job descriptions for those earning more than €100,000, stating that the information "is private to staff members concerned".

It added: "The disclosure of information identifying individual employees and details of their salary level would have severe repercussions on RTE's management of the staff concerned."

Previously RTE revealed that three of its senior executives – including director-general Noel Curran – were on pay of more than €200,000 in 2011.

Mr Curran's total remuneration package came to €287,000 that year including €58,000 in pension contributions.

Six of the nine-member RTE's executive board are men.

The most senior women in RTE management are acting chief financial officer Breda O'Keeffe, Claire Duignan, the managing director of radio and managing director of RTE Digital Muirne Laffan.

Male presenters dominate the ranks of RTE's top 10 highest paid presenters.

'Late Late Show' host Ryan Tubridy is paid €495,000 and 'Liveline' presenter Joe Duffy is on €300,000.

Pat Kenny was on €630,000 in 2011, according to the most recent figures available. His contract is up for renewal this year.

The two women on the list, Finucane and O'Callaghan, are paid €295,000 and €211,167 respectively.


Responding to questions about the gender imbalance, a spokeswoman for RTE said: "There are fewer women than men working in RTE, and it is fair to say that there are fewer women represented at senior management level in RTE.

"However, this reflects the situation across broader society and indeed globally. Nonetheless some of the most senior management posts within RTE are held by women.

"This is an issue that RTE is conscious of and has active policies in place to address," she added, citing human resources policies including "support for childcare and career flexibility".

She said that pay grades were "gender neutral" with women and men doing the same jobs at the broadcaster getting paid the same rate.

According to the spokeswoman "RTE is committed to gender equality with regard to career opportunities and pay."

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