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Sunday 25 March 2018

Woman vows to wed 'Bog Hotel' owner despite disapproval

Paddy Clancy

A POLISH woman has vowed her marriage to an Irishman more than twice her age will go ahead -- despite her parents' disapproval.

Daria Weiske (30) flew back to Dublin from Wroclaw yesterday and was greeted with a kiss from Patsy Brogan (73).

Together they returned to Co Donegal by bus, where Patsy owns the so-called Bog Hotel in the Bluestack Mountains near Inver.

Ms Weiske was home in Glogow, Poland, to visit her mother who broke a leg in a fall and to collect her birth certificate in preparation for marriage.

She said: "I know my family said they don't want the marriage to go ahead. Of course I listened to my parents but Patsy and I are very happy. If there's an age gap it means nothing to me."

She laughed off her past in a couple of small roles in movies including 'The Polish Kitsch Project', where she was one of a number of girls running around semi-naked.

In another film in her homeland, she played a poker player who keeps losing and has to strip off. She admitted: "Yes, that was me, but it was only a small part."

After a failed acting career, she moved to Ireland to work in bars and cafes when she met Mr Brogan and moved in to his place three years ago.

Mr Brogan, who was twice married before, said: "I didn't know about Daria in the films until the past week but so what? She's a lovely lady. I'm very, very happy that she's back home."

Last month, he was acquitted of two charges brought against him by Donegal County Council under planning regulations.

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