Monday 25 June 2018

Woman violently assaulted during walk home after watching X Factor with friend

Carol Donnelly
Carol Donnelly
Carol Donnelly

Sarah-Jane Murphy

A young woman was viciously attacked and robbed of her handbag as she made her way home from her friend's house last Saturday night.

Carol Donnelly (30) had spent the evening watching X Factor with a pal at a house in Bremore Pastures, Balbriggan in North County Dublin.

At approximately 1.30am she began the five-minute walk through the residential area back to her own house.

As Carol was walking across a green she became conscious that three youths, two boys and a girl, dressed all in black, were following her.

They proceeded to launch a terrifying attack on her, punching her in the head six times and violently pulling her hair.

Carol desperately tried to reason with her attackers, telling them to take the cash and bank cards but not her handbag.

Carol Donnelly
Carol Donnelly

Despite her pleas they continued pulling at her handbag until she had no choice but to let it go.

One of the group was brandishing a knife.

The gang then fled, leaving Carol on the ground, bruised and battered.

She immediately contacted gardai to report the incident.

"I had to phone them five times before they eventually arrived out to me.

"They said they are so busy that they have yet to assign someone to my case.

"When they do that I will be able to give my statement," she told

Carol said that the assault has left her extremely anxious.

"I am heartbroken and afraid.

"I just cannot believe it's not safe for me to go from one house to another in my area," she said.

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