Monday 23 April 2018

Woman suing after go-kart crash led to leg surgery

Demelza Grogan
Demelza Grogan
Demelza Grogan

A WOMAN had to be cut out of a go-kart after the vehicle allegedly failed to react on a bend and crashed into a barrier, the High Court heard.

Demelza Grogan (37), Castlegrange Square, Clondalkin, Dublin,  was left  with thigh injuries after the crash which happened on an outing with her family at Kylemore Karting in Ballyfermot, Dublin, the court heard.

She is suing Grovepark Services Ltd, the owners of the go-kart racing track, as a result of the accident on February 26, 2011.

Ms Grogan told the court she tried to brake as she approached a 90 degree bend but the car did not react  and she ploughed in to a barrier.

"When I hit the barrier I felt and heard my femur break. The car bounced back on to the middle of the track and another kart hit it," she told Mr Justice Iarflaith O'Neill.

Ms Grogan, who had to be cut out of the kart by firemen, was taken to hospital where she had to undergo surgery to her leg.

She told the court she was discharged from hospital after five days and her foot had swelled to three times its normal size and she had to use crutches.  Now, she said, she gets pain in her leg when she walks the mile to her son's school and sometimes has a lot of pain.

She claims she was not given adequate training and was caused to hit a barrier because of the nature of the track.

It is also claimed  there was an alleged failure to provide adequate barriers such that the impact on her her kart was absorbed or minimised.

Grovepark  has denied the claims and contends Ms Grogan drove at excessive speed, failed to apply the brakes in time or at all and made no attempt to negotiate the corner.

It claims she drove into the protective crash barriers at speed and is liable for contributory negligence.

In evidence, Ms Grogan said she had gone go karting with her ten-year-old son Ryan and his father. She said she signed a disclaimer and saw a video before going to the pits to get in a kart.

She said they were told "to take it easy as the track was oily and slippy."

"On the second lap I braked but the car did not react. I tried my best to turn the car but the car did not react and ploughed in to the barrier." she said.

"My leg was stuck. I was in shock and I was in extreme pain," she added

The case continues.

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