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Woman stabbed in the neck by female mugger


Gardaí sealed off the scene of the mugging in Drumcondra.

Gardaí sealed off the scene of the mugging in Drumcondra.

Gardaí sealed off the scene of the mugging in Drumcondra.

A woman was rushed to hospital after she was stabbed in the neck during an attempted mugging in Dublin.

It is understood that the 36-year-old victim was approached by a woman near the home of Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin in Drumcondra at around 6.15pm yesterday.

The attacker demanded that the victim hand over her handbag, before stabbing her in the neck.

Emergency services were called and the victim was taken to the nearby Mater Hospital.

Her injuries were not believed to be life-threatening.

Last night, Archbishop Martin described the incident as "tragic".

"It's very sad to realise that someone just walking home from work would be attacked like that. I sincerely hope the woman will be OK. It's a tragic event," he said.

Noel Rock, Fine Gael TD for Dublin North West, called for a heightened Garda presence in the area.

"This is a dreadful, unprovoked attack in a normally peaceful part of the city," said Mr Rock.

"It's simply not good enough that someone can't walk down one of the main pedestrian routes in our city in the early evening for fear of this kind of incident.

"Gardaí need to improve their presence in Drumcondra, and the city council must improve the lighting here as soon as possible. It's pitch black in parts."

The incident happened while commuters were travelling home from the city yesterday evening.

Gardaí carried out a forensic examination at the scene last night.

Locals said while the neighbourhood was usually quiet, there had been a series of robberies and some assaults in recent years.


"A few years ago a man was coming home and getting some food in a restaurant across the street.

"Someone saw him take out his wallet and followed him.

"He was stabbed in the back, it was a close one, but he survived," one man, who did not want to be named, told the Irish Independent.

A number of houses on the block have CCTV cameras and it's understood gardaí will try to obtain any evidence that might hint at the attacker's identity on the footage.

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