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Woman seeking ‘Mark’ from Copper Face Jacks no closer to finding her man, she admits


The advertisement that appeared in the Corkman

The advertisement that appeared in the Corkman

The advertisement that appeared in the Corkman

THE woman who placed an advert looking for a man she met in Copper Face Jacks to get in touch, says she is still no closer to finding ‘Mark’ despite her appeal going viral.

The "urgent" appeal by the woman to find the mystery man she met following a GAA match in Dublin became an internet hit last week. The ad originally placed in The Corkman newspaper, was carried on independent.ie, and picked up by the Ray D’Arcy show, with listeners speculating as to the reasons she wanted him to get in touch, 15 months after their encounter.

The woman who placed the ad told The Corkman today that she never dreamed the appeal would get so much attention. "To be honest I was quite upset about all the coverage. I really hadn't intended anything like this to happen and I wish it hadn't," she said.

"I put the advert in a local newspaper to target a specific area but, as they say, it 'went viral'. That's not what I wanted at all." Despite all of the attention the ad received, the woman is no nearer to meeting her Mark.

"I got a number of abusive mails, but most of the messages I got were general, there was nothing that I would follow up. There were a lot of contacts from the media and there were some very ignorant people, but I think it was really a one-day wonder in the media."

In the advert, the woman described how she was 'petite with dark hair and skin, and brown eyes' ... 'I was drinking Corona, if that jogs the memory'.

She said she was living in Phibsboro and ' Mark' had gone back to the house.

The woman remained tightlipped about the reason for placing the ad in the first place.

"There was an awful lot of speculation, but that was all it was, speculation. I just put the word urgent in there to put some urgency into it [her appeal], but I really didn't want to be wasting anybody's time," she said.

"I'm just going to leave it for now and maybe I'll return to it again in the future."