Monday 23 October 2017

Woman in the frame for double murder

Gardai preserve the scene where the bodies of Eoin O’Connor and Anthony Keegan (inset), were found; they were victims of organised crime
Gardai preserve the scene where the bodies of Eoin O’Connor and Anthony Keegan (inset), were found; they were victims of organised crime
Inchicup Island, Lough Sheelan, Co Cavan, where gardai have discovered human remains, believed to belong to Eoin O’Connor and Anthony Keegan after a month-long search. Photo: Philip Fitzpatrick
Eoin O'Connor
Anthony Keegan

Ken Foy

Gardai investigating the gruesome double murder of two pals who were shot dead and their bodies dumped on an island in a Co Cavan lake have not ruled out that a young woman shot the men with her foreign boyfriend.

The revelation comes after detectives established that two different guns were used in the murders of Coolock friends Eoin O’Connor (32) and Anthony Keegan (33), whose bodies were found at Lough Sheelin on the Meath-Cavan border over three weeks ago.

The couple are now believed to be in South Africa after fleeing shortly after April 22 when the victims were last seen alive.

The new developments in the shocking case comes after gardai made their first arrests in the investigation yesterday morning in Cavan town - two foreign men aged 31 and 28.

One man has been released following his arrest in connection with a file being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Another man remains in garda custody, following his arrest in Co Cavan yesterday.

Officers believe that they had knowledge of the double murder before and after it happened.

Neither man is suspected of being present when the shootings took place but both are thought to have links to the north Dublin crimelord who is believed to have organised the murders.

Sources say that gardai now have a “full picture” of the events that led to the murders of Keegan and O’ Connor and are “fully convinced” that they were set-up by one of their closest associates, who is a feared Dublin gangster.

This individual is now under death threat himself from some criminal associates of the murdered men who blame him for what happened.

Sources say that the investigation team has received “great co-operation” from a number of people who had information about the murders.

The men arrested yesterday are expected to be released without charge but officers are at an advanced stage in building a case against the chief suspects who fled to South Africa after spending some time in the UK.

A senior source told The Herald: “Many people have been interviewed and more arrests are expected in the coming weeks.

“But the people of really crucial importance here are the boyfriend and girlfriend in South Africa - there is very little doubt that he was directly involved in shooting these fellas but what is also being examined now is whether she did as well.

“The reason why this is being looked at is that two different guns were used and it is plausible that she fired shots herself.”

Gardai are working on the theory that the man on the run in South Africa, who was involved in drug dealing and pipebomb-making here, had a €30,000 debt he owed to the Dublin crimelord “wiped clean” if he took part in the murder and disposal of the bodies.

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