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Woman in garda baby claim fights care order


LETTERS: Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan

LETTERS: Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan

LETTERS: Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan

AN Eastern European woman who says she gave birth to two children fathered by two gardai is to challenge in court this week the HSE's decision to take the children into care.

The woman also has copies of letters she wrote to Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan and Justice Minister Alan Shatter in March, informing them that she was "heavily pregnant" from a senior garda officer.

The woman says that she has been living a "total nightmare" since the boy and girl were taken into care after she gave birth to her daughter earlier this year.

She says she was given three reasons for the care order – that there was a garda missing person notice for her, an international missing person notice and that she suffered from "anti-social personality disorder".

She says all three reasons are untrue, but she has been so far unable to prove her case and her children remain in care.

She told the Sunday Independent she was informed by a very senior garda, when she applied to see the missing person orders, that she would have to submit a freedom of information request. She did so a month ago but still has no response.

Senior legal sources agreed last week that such a scenario is quite possible because of the delays and other problems in the State's family law system.

The woman said: "They told me there were three reasons my children were being taken from me. They said I was on a garda missing person list and an international missing list. That is untrue. All the time, I am living in (she names an area).

"They said I had a history of absconding, but that is not true. And, they claimed I had anti-social personality disorder. That is also not true. I have a document from the (she name's the country she came from) social workers, which I have translated, which says that is not true. That is only serial killers and psychopaths. I breastfed my (she names her son) until he was almost three years."

The woman has kept recordings of telephone conversations with the senior garda who, she says, got her pregnant after a one-night stand in the front seat of his car while it was in a car park in north-west Dublin last October.

She said they met on Facebook and has also kept screen shots of conversations in which they discuss the pregnancy and he threatens to have her son deported out of Ireland and into care in the EU country she came from. There is also a disquieting mention of the child being sexually abused in care if sent abroad.

The deportation threat to her children, she says, caused her a great deal of concern, even though she has an EU passport and could not be legally deported from Ireland.

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According to sources, garda files on the woman were accessed late last year by more than one garda. The woman has a tape of a conversation with the senior garda in which this is mentioned. The woman made a complaint to the Garda Ombudsman, but the woman says she does not wish to comply with a request to hand over her laptop computer and mobile phone because these contain the evidence of her relationship and the alleged deportation threats.

The ombudsman has written to her complaining about her alleged failure to comply with their requests, and she now says she is seeking legal advice.

The senior garda is understood to have informed his wife of the woman's pregnancy last weekend after he was spoken to by two more senior officers aware of the matter. He remains in his position while under investigation.

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