Thursday 22 March 2018

Woman has 'regrets' over alleged rugby stars' tryst

Niamh Horan

Niamh Horan

THE young woman at the centre of an alleged sex scandal involving two Ireland rugby players told how she has been left devastated by the encounter.

The pretty university graduate spoke to the Sunday Independent after news of the alleged threesome spread across the internet.

This newspaper revealed last week how the Wicklow woman, who is in her mid-20s, allegedly had sex with two international players at a well-known Dublin hotel.

The tryst came to light after she revealed all to a friend on Facebook, saying: "I'm a broken woman."

The young woman at the centre of the controversy now said she has "huge regrets" about the alleged sexual encounter.

"I would take it back if I could," she said.

"The Facebook message was private. It makes it sound like I'm boasting but I wasn't. I was only telling my friend."

She added: "I am not proud at all. I never wanted anyone to know. If I could take it back I would."

More details emerged of the alleged encounter this week when it became a talking point on radio phone-in shows.

Meanwhile, the two rugby stars – who cannot be named for legal reasons – have been keeping a low profile as news of their alleged sexual antics spread.

A PR guru who represents several of the players' teammates told the Sunday Independent: "I have received a couple of calls asking me about it and I have spoken to people who have been in contact with the players. My advice to them is to keep their heads down."

One of the players was spotted driving his luxury car through his hometown last week after spending a few days out of the country.

The fling is said to have taken place following a night out by the rugby friends at a well-known Dublin nightspot.

The players had been socialising in Dublin's Grafton Street area before visiting an exclusive club where they were entertained in the VIP section. The young woman told her friend that later on she met one of the players by chance outside a takeaway.

She claims they went back to the sports star's Dublin hotel where they had a couple of drinks. She then alleges they "did the deed".

The second player came into the room afterwards and that was when, according to the woman, "we did the deed all together".

Her claims, including pictures of the woman, were sent around various mobile phone messaging groups – each of which can have anything up to 50 participants in a conversation at any one time.

It is alleged that the day after the encounter, an iPhone user unwittingly sent details of the night and the woman's picture to one of these groups where the woman's brother was also a member.

The woman told her friend afterwards: "I'm literally just sitting here crying. I only found out from my brother –he was sent it."

The alleged threesome is the first scandal of its kind to engulf the normally clean-cut Irish rugby team, who rarely court controversy off the pitch.

It is understood the woman had planned to go on a holiday abroad with two girlfriends this weekend.

However, it is not known if she will continue with her plans.

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