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Saturday 17 February 2018

Woman finds father’s stolen bike for sale online

The woman found the bike for sale online
The woman found the bike for sale online
Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

A WOMAN has told of how she found her father’s stolen bike for sale on an online selling site.

Speaking to Joe Duffy on Liveline the woman, only identified as Anne, told of how her father's bike was stolen over the weekend.

She made the discovery after beginning on online search for a replacement bike.

“I was looking up for a second-hand-bike for my dad and I came across my dad’s bike”, she said.

“I just knew by it, the saddle was the same it was, I just knew it was his”.

She said she showed a picture of the bike to her dad and he agreed it was his.

“We went down to the local garda station and told the guard we found the bike on adverts, and he told us to Email the guy back and see if we could arrange to meet him.”

The guard told them that if they succeeded in arranging to meet the thief, to come back and let him know.

He was looking for €40 cash-only offers for the bike which was worth around €200.

She also said that the user had other items for sale

“He’s got golf clubs, lawnmowers, everything – all different kind of stuff”

“I was getting more angry this morning looking at it.

“That’s my dad’s property and we can’t get that back. It might not be worth anything to anyone else but it’s worth something to us because that’s dad’s bike.”

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