Wednesday 21 March 2018

Woman feared she would be kicked in head after being floored in street assault

Victoria Curtis posted an image of her face on Facebook following the attack Credit: Victoria Curtis (Facebook)
Victoria Curtis posted an image of her face on Facebook following the attack Credit: Victoria Curtis (Facebook)

John Brennan

A woman who was assaulted in Dublin early on Sunday morning has said how she feared she would be kicked in the head after being floored in a four punch assault.

Victoria Curtis posted an emotional Facebook post on Sunday after being attacked by a man on Camden Street after coming out of a takeaway and making her way home with some friends.

“He then put his hand out and was like ‘hey there man, let’s resolve this man, shake my hand man’ and I was like ‘mate I’m not shaking your hand, you’re a f*****, f*** off’.

“Then he threw four punches at my face,” she told Ryan Tubridy on RTE Radio One.

“I lost my balance and I hit the ground and I kind of curled up and put my hands over my head… I fell and my back was towards the street and my face was facing a wall and I had my hands around my head, and I was just thinking I am really lucky I have this wall because he could kick me in the face.”

Ms Curtis told Tubridy that she didn’t believe the attacker had been “legless”.

“I see drunk people all the time… you know people when they are legless and he wasn’t legless, he was coherent, he knew what he was saying,” she explained.

“[Camden Street] was quite quiet, I think everybody was still in the clubs at that stage,” she added.

Ms Curtis then contacted Kevin Street Garda Station and had spent yesterday visiting hospitals and making statements to the Gardai.

“I woke up yesterday morning and was in and out of tears,” she added.

“I am really proud of who I am, I am a proud queer woman – how dare he make me question that, that’s what really upset me,” she added.

She had previously taken to Facebook on Sunday morning and detailing her emotional reaction to the vicious assault.

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In the post she attached a picture of herself after the alleged assault and she said, “This is what misogyny looks like. This is what being a faggot looks like.

“This is what happens [to] women on Saturday nights walking home with their friends.

“This is what being punched four times in the faces looks like because you're a queer.”

She continued: “This is what happens when we call them out.

“This is what will keep happening if we keep ignoring and accepting their behaviour.

“This is why consent courses are needed in colleges.

“This is Ireland 2016.”

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