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Wednesday 19 December 2018

Woman 'carried 1km on car bonnet' after thieves stole her car with dog inside


Ralph Riegel

A woman who was carried one kilometre on the bonnet of her car at speeds of up to 80km/h by car thieves admitted she was heartbroken at the loss of her pet dog who was in the stolen vehicle.

Kelly Naughton miraculously escaped with just bruises when she was thrown from the bonnet of her car which had been stolen minutes earlier by a young man and his girlfriend.

Kelly had gone to her Carrigtwohill home in east Cork to collect her purse when, seconds after she left her car, she realised it was being stolen.

She climbed on the bonnet in a desperate bid to stop the young man and woman from stealing it.

The duo were later found sitting in the vehicle in Gurranabraher on Cork's northside.

While Kelly later got her car back, her handbag and phone were missing.

But, worst of all from Kelly's point of view, the young man and woman insisted they had no knowledge of her pet Teacup Chihuahua, Minnie, who was on the back seat of the car when it was stolen.

Kelly issued a desperate appeal for information on Minnie's whereabouts on the Neil Prendeville Show on Cork's RedFM.

"They were driving at about 50mph (80km/h) for about half a mile down the road with me on the bonnet," she said.

"I had gone to my home in Carrigtwohill at 6.45pm last Friday to collect my purse. When I came back out to my car there were two people in it. I said 'get out' and climbed on the bonnet to stop them.

"But they took off with me on the car. They drove out of my estate and all the neighbours saw me - I was screaming at them.

"I just gripped on as best I could. But when they took a corner, that's when I fell off.

"They were both off their faces (with drink or drugs). They just didn't care. I could see the way they were acting, they weren't acting like normal people.

"I am bruised all over after it.

"Everything was in that car - my phone, my bag, my coat and my pet dog."

The young man was driving while the young woman was in the back seat.

"My car was found at 1am the following day by Gardai with the two of them still in it up in Gurranabraher," Kelly said.

Gardai later informed Kelly that the young man had earlier absconded from an open prison.

Kelly admitted she wasn't overly worried about her bruises or the loss of her phone and handbag - but was heartbroken at the loss of her beloved pet, Minnie.

"My dog was in the car - I can't find my dog ever since. They were questioned about my dog and they said what dog?"

Kelly wept as she said her beloved pet hasn't been seen since.

"She is absolutely tiny - she doesn't even walk. She is carried everywhere in my arms.

"She has no way of finding her way back to my house."

Kelly appealed to anyone who may have spotted Minnie in the east Cork or the Gurranabraher areas to contact Gardai.

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