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Friday 13 December 2019

Woman captures cross forming in sky during Holy Week

A WOMAN has captured a cross forming in the sky during Holy Week.

Speaking to, keen amateur photographer Frances McHugh joked if this was a ‘sign’, she thought it might have appeared before a “more religious person”.

She snapped the image close to her home near a little village called Donagh, which is about three miles from Lisnaskea, Co Fermanagh.

She took the snap at approximately 5am on Wednesday, April 16th, for her mother.

“My mother saw the blood red moon and she asked me to take a photograph.

“I got up the next morning to take a photograph and the moon was obviously gone so I thought I would photograph a nice sunrise. My mother is a painter so I thought she could paint that instead.

“Just as I was watching, the cross started to form in the sky with shafts and light. The two lines came together and then separated again.

crossinsky 093.JPG

It’s not a jet stream and it’s not a sun pillar, because the sun pillar would mean that the shafts of light would be coming out of the sun directly, but the sun was to the left of the cross,” she explained.

“The whole thing is strange because I’m not usually up at 5am - my mother asked me to take an early morning shot, if it wasn’t for her, I would have been in bed fast asleep.

“When I told my mother, she laughed and said ‘I thought it would have appeared to someone a bit more religious than you’.

Frances posted the image onto her Facebook – and a number of people commented how apt it was that such an image would be taken during Holy Week.

“It was just a trick of the light really – but it is strange,” she added.

Nevertheless, the episode is making Frances more keen to get out with her camera.

The acupuncturist took a course in photography last year, and is currently doing a film course in Enniskillen.

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