Sunday 22 April 2018

Woman breaks down talking about how her Fallopian tubes were tied

Lorna McKeogh
Lorna McKeogh

David Kearns

A woman broke down in tears live on radio as she recounted how she discovered she could still have a “natural birth” despite having her fallopian tubes clipped.

Lorna McKeogh said the last four years had been a “nightmare” because of the belief IVF was her only option to have a baby with her husband Darragh after consultant gynaecologist Dr Declan Egan clipped both her tubes without consent in 2010.

“Last year, I was put in contact with a fabulous doctor in the Rotunda hospital who discovered that one of my tubes were perfect during a laparoscopy in 2014,” she told Newstalk’s Lunchtime show.

“I actually had to ask when I later woke up because I was still under anaesthesia when she told me.

“I turned to my husband Darragh and asked him if I had been hearing things, that it couldn’t be true what the doctor said.

“[But] she came in and spoke to us and said ‘bar the clips, I see nothing to say your tube isn’t prefect.”

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This week, the Medical Council cleared Dr Egan of any wrongdoing after it accepted his defence that a consent form signed by Ms McKeogh covered him to clip both her fallopian tubes during an operation to remove fluid from one of them in 2010.

Ms McKeogh was referred to Dr Egan for a laparoscopy after she had endured a number of miscarriages.

It had been discovered that she had a collection of fluid in her right-hand tube. She was told the tube would have to be clipped to allow her to bring an embryo to full term.

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When she awoke Dr Egan told her that it "wasn't just the right tube" and that he had clipped both tubes.

Ms McKeogh said: "When I asked why, he asked me did I want to continue miscarrying?

"He said to me: 'What did you want me to do, stitch it back up, wake you up and ask for your permission?' He said to me he was the doctor, and he made the correct decision for me."

Ms McKeogh said as part of IVF treatment in 2014 she was booked in for a D&C procedure, but was told after an exam that there was nothing wrong with one of her fallopian tubes.

“I couldn’t believe it because I’d spent the last fours years thinking I’d never be able to get pregnant naturally again, but, then all of a sudden I’m being told I’m a viable candidate to have my tube fixed.”

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She described the Medical Council hearing this week that cleared Dr Egan of any wrong doing as “very tough to endure, especially when my history of miscarriages was spoken about so publicity."

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