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Saturday 18 November 2017

Woman (95) had her pension with-held by nursing home

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Daire Courtney

Daire Courtney

A man has claimed that his 95-year-old mother’s pension was withheld by the nursing home in a Dublin hospital.

Mike Fagan told Liveline this afternoon that the nursing home had always kept the majority of his mother’s pension and left her €48 a week until they became concerned about her keeping large amount of money in her room.

“My mum liked keeping it and accumulating it, and she tended to drop it, so the staff said they’d appreciate it if she didn’t keep it because if something happened it could reflect on the hospital,” Mike told Liveline today.

“In July I was summoned to a meeting with the hospital where they said they felt they should keep most of it in the office. We came to an agreement where they would give her at least five and at most ten every week and when she accumulated a large amount, I’d take it home.”

"The following Friday, the hospital kept the whole lot and didn't explain why," he continued.

When Mike asked staff members, he was informed that they had been told not to discuss it with him.

“I just want to know: why are they going against her wishes?” Mike asked.

“If they had any suspicions, why would they not discuss it with her? She is fully alert; she has all her faculties.”

Mike has had to give his mother money every week to avoid causing her worry over the situation: “I bring in €5 for her every week and tell her that I’ve just been into the accounts office.”

“It’s not about the money; it’s about at what stage a hospital can decide that they can act on someone’s behalf? My mother is completely aware, she has all her faculties, and I just want to know what gives someone the ability to decide what her best interests are.”

The hospital informed the programme that they could not make a statement on the matter, since this was an ongoing complaints procedure.

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