Thursday 22 February 2018

With an Irish accent Cheryl might have survived US X Factor

Maureen Gillespie

An Irish accent is a big help if you're job hunting, according to a new survey.

Following claims that Cheryl Cole was sacked from American X Factor because of her Geordie accent, CitySocialising polled Britons to find out if a strong accent can affect job prospects.

Whilst a Glaswegian accent is most likely to negatively affect your career prospects, with 33pc of Glaswegians claiming their accent has hindered their career, having an Irish accent is considered beneficial in the UK.

The Irish lilt came in at No 3 in the five top accents most likely to help you get a job – just beaten by Cambridge and Essex accents and followed by London and Newcastle accents.

The survey went on to reveal a Birmingham accent as the second most likely to leave you at the bottom of the career ladder, with 30pc of Brummies feeling they'd been subject to discrimination due to their accent. But 27pc of Mancunians made the same claim.

And, despite Cole's recent travails, only 8pc of Geordies felt that their accent may have hindered their career at some point and 33pc even claimed it has helped them get ahead.

Meanwhile, former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, who has replaced Cole as a judge on the US show, said today Cole has 'done what's best for her'.

Asked about the whole affair on ITV's Daybreak this morning, Scherzinger said: 'My take is I was happy to be a part of the show, accept the role of the host, because I believe in Simon, I believe in The X Factor.

'I've met Cheryl only a couple of times and she's absolutely gorgeous and lovely.

'I know she's done what's best for her. And for me it's an honour to be up there, to be able to have a voice and serve as a mentor.'

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