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Saturday 21 April 2018

Win or lose, McGregor won't retire, says agent

Supporters of Conor McGregor gather in Toshiba Plaza in Las Vegas ahead of the fight on Saturday. Photo: Sportsfile
Supporters of Conor McGregor gather in Toshiba Plaza in Las Vegas ahead of the fight on Saturday. Photo: Sportsfile

Gavin White

Conor McGregor will continue fighting, regardless of what happens when he steps into the ring against Floyd Mayweather this weekend, his agent has said.

Iranian-born Audie Attar told the Irish Independent that mixed martial arts superstar McGregor "will always be a very ambitious man" and has no intention of retiring after the fight - whether he wins or loses.

Mr Attar said that although McGregor was focused on this Saturday, he wanted to "make history every day".

From a business perspective, as well as in sporting terms, Mr Attar said McGregor was a young man and the pair would always look past the short term.

"It requires constant hard work, but it's the beautiful thing about what we do, we are always going to dream big," he said.

The 36-year-old said that although the bout with boxing legend Mayweather was "unprecedented", it would create more opportunities. "Every time you go and reach new heights in sport, you will try to go again after, and this is no different," he said.

Mr Attar insisted the team would "explore every opportunity" after the fight.

Mr Attar has a masters degree in dispute resolution and it comes as no surprise that he played a mastermind roll in organising the "fight of the century".

The former American football player said that although it was never going to be that simple organising the fight, people were wrong to say it was impossible.

"We recognised an opportunity for this fight and it's an honour to be a part of it. Conor is ready to shock the world," he said.

McGregor has got "absolute tunnel vision" with just days to go to the showdown and Mr Attar said nothing else mattered to him besides the fight and his family.

"I don't think people get to see just how much of a professional Conor is. He loves what he does," he said.

Mr Attar said McGregor's training camp had been no different to any other camp despite the change in fighting style to pure boxing.

"Everybody forgets that Conor is an MMA world champion, it's not as if he is switching from football to boxing," he said.

Mr Attar said it would be "the greatest sporting achievement the world has seen" if McGregor won the bout.

Irish fans have started arriving in Las Vegas and Mr Attar said it was the most passionate fan base he had ever come across.

"I love the Irish culture and love when I get to visit Conor in Ireland. They will travel in their droves everywhere to support," he said.

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