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Wife-killer's painting vandalised in jail museum protest

A WATERCOLOUR painting created by wife-killer Eamonn Lillis, which is currently on display in Kilmainham Gaol museum, was vandalised when the word 'killer' was scribbled on its frame.

The alleged culprit said he scrawled the word along the frame as an act of protest and because he believed the killer's painting should not be shown in a museum.

The painting was created by Lillis at Wheatfield Prison, where he is serving a six-year-and-11-month sentence for the manslaughter of his wife Celine Cawley. He has two works on show at the museum.

The painting remained on display yesterday. However, the word 'killer' was hidden behind two stickers.

A source who confronted the alleged culprit after he scribbled the word said the man did so out of protest.

"When I confronted him outside he said: 'I hope it will be clear this is not a protest against art therapy or music therapy or any other prisoner rehabilitation. But that therapy should extend to the prison art room and stop well short of a museum wall."

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