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Widow begs for help in finding lost phone with late husband's last messages


Killiney Beach in County Dublin

A widow has pleaded for help in finding a lost iPhone full of photographs and messages from her late husband, saying its loss is “like losing the last bit of him”.

Anita lost her iPhone 4S, containing messages and photos of her husband who passed away in October, three weeks ago (May 31) while walking on Killiney Beach in Dún Laoghaire with her dog.

Calling into RTE’s Liveline, she said it would-be of “enormous comfort” to get the phone back, lost sometime between 4:30pm and 5pm on Cemetery Sunday.

“I know people lose phones everyday but this one is very precious to me because since my husband died in October, these messages and photographs are like my last tangible memories and moments with him.

“It would mean so much for me if I can get it back because it’s like the last bit of him is gone.

“If I got it back I could re-read messages or look at photographs… it would just be of enormous comfort to get it back.”

On the advice of Gardai, Anita had her lost phone and sim blocked, meaning anyone who might have found it can not get in touch with her.

“My only hope now is that my sister got a call from the phone at 5:03pm and my friend got a call from the phone at 6:04.

“Both of those people were out of the country and the package I was on at the time doesn’t allow me to make international calls."

Recalling the moment she realised the phone was lost, Anita said she had just returned home from the beach.

“When I seen I’d lost it, I immediately called my son to ask for his help in finding it. We spent 45 minutes checking the car, and when we didn’t find it there, we tried to re-trace my steps from the beach.

“I know it’s a wild shot but I’m hoping the person who called my sister and friend is listening and will hear this. If they do, please get in touch with me or the Shankill or Dún Laoghaire Garda station.

“I feel that a responsible person found the phone and I’m just hoping they still have it. I would go anywhere to collect it,” she added.

Anyone who might have found an iPhone 4S on Killiney Beach on May 31 and believes it could belong to Antia can contact the Shankill (01666 5900) or Dún Laoghaire Garda station (016665000) to return it.

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