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Monday 18 December 2017

Who will steer the FF Titanic?

Eilis O'Hanlon

If there is one subject about which most Irish people decidedly couldn't give a hoot right now, it is who gets to be the next leader of Fianna Fail.

It's a bit like having a race to see who should be next captain of the Titanic. Once it sinks, what does it matter?

Supporters of Brian Lenihan and Micheal Martin don't see it that way. They're already manoeuvring feverishly for the right to take over once Brian Cowen is, politically, sleeping with the fishes.

One half-decent performance on The Frontline and suddenly the Foreign Minister was being spoken of in FF circles as if he was the answer to all their problems. Do we have to go through this every time, lads? Micheal's not the Messiah -- he's just another one of the naughty boys who got us into this mess first of all.

Meanwhile, the Lenihanites were getting behind their man and urging him, Brutus-style, to stick the knife in the Taoiseach's back.

I've heard of turkeys voting for Christmas, but this must be the first time in history that the turkeys decided that having a new beak spouting the party line would make any difference to the outcome come Christmas Day. Changing leaders now just means the hungry voters get to pour the gravy over a different bird.

What's more annoying is hearing the TDs behind these planned takeover bids being described in the media as "rebels". They sat meekly on the backbenches without so much as a squawk of protest for a decade, and only now do they find some cojones? If that's rebellion, then the Stepford Wives were feminists.

Eilis O'Hanlon

Sunday Independent

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