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Who will judge the judges' pay? A retired judge

A former judge will head a commission on the upcoming referendum on cutting the pay of the judiciary.

Retired High Court judge Bryan McMahon will chair a delegation which will prepare a general explanation of proposals on Judges' Remuneration which will be published for voters.

The electorate will vote on the constitutional change on Thursday, October 27 - the same day as the presidential election.

Mr McMahon was nominated by the Chief Justice, Mrs Justice Susan Denham.

Other members of the commission are: the Comptroller and Auditor General, John Buckley; the Ombudsman, Emily O'Reilly; the Clerk of the Dail, Kieran Coughlan; and the Clerk of the Seanad Deirdre Lane.

The Department of Environment, Community and Local Government, said: "The Commission will, in addition, consider and rule on applications from bodies or groups for declaration as approved bodies who may appoint agents at the referendum to be present at polling stations and at the counting of votes."

A second referendum, giving new powers to parliamentary committees to conduct investigations, will also take place on the same day.