Thursday 22 February 2018

Who Dunn-knit? Electric Picnic thieves steal Sister Columba's (90) art installation

Sister Columba is probably one of the oldest Electric Picnic artists.
Sister Columba is probably one of the oldest Electric Picnic artists.
Kirsty Blake Knox

Kirsty Blake Knox

The work of Electric Picnic’s oldest artist - Sister Columba (90) - has been stolen from Stradbally by a group of art thieves.

The nun, who is part of the Sisters Of Holy Family Of Bordeaux and living in Newbridge, helped to crochet a number of jumpers to decorate the trees in the Hazel Wood.

Sr Columba's stolen art
Sr Columba's stolen art

One of the jumpers Sister Columba worked on, named 'Tilly’, was ripped off a tree by festival goers late on Sunday night.

Organiser of the ‘Kildare Yarn Bombers’ Annie Morris who installed the Electric Picnic exhibition said it was “very sad” that someone had taken the piece.

“Sister Columba will be very stoic about it but it is very sad.

“A lot of work went into the pieces  and it is so unfair that someone could tear it down,” she said.

The piece was due to be part of an upcoming exhibition ‘Life is Short Smile While You Have Teeth’ in Newbridge as part of the 2018 JuneFest.

Now, the yarn bombers and Sister Columba will have to crochet and knit another piece for the festival.

Ms Morris says whoever took the piece would have worked very hard to take it down.

“It was attached with cable ties so I have no idea how they removed it,” she said.

“Unless they had pliers with them. It was very disappointing to arrive at the site and see one of the pieces missing.

“I understand that maybe someone liked it so much they felt compelled to steal it but they could have just taken a photograph of it instead.”

Ms Morris founded the Kildare Yarn Bombers to help connect the local community.

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