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Saturday 24 February 2018

Whingers forbidden by Pope Francis in Vatican

Pope Francis Photo: REUTERS/Tony Gentile
Pope Francis Photo: REUTERS/Tony Gentile

Nick Squires

Whingers, whiners and moaners have been put on notice by none other than Pope Francis, who has stuck a big sign to the front door of his Vatican apartment that reads: "Complaining is forbidden".

The notice appeared in recent days on the door leading to the Pontiff's private rooms in Casa Santa Marta. The good-humoured notice appears to be aimed at cardinals, priests and staff members who bring problems.

Unlike his predecessors, who traditionally fled the summer heat of Rome for cooler environs, Pope Francis works through July and August.

The sign says that "offenders are subject to a syndrome of victimhood that reduces their sense of humour and capacity to solve problems". The notice concludes: "To become the best of yourself, you must focus on your own potential and not on your limits. So stop complaining and act to change your life for the better." The sign was a gift from an Italian psychologist and author of self-help books, Salvo Noé.

Famous for his direct language, a few months after he was elected, Francis said: "Sometimes there are melancholic Christians with faces like pickled peppers, such long faces, rather than being joyful for the beautiful life they have."

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