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Thursday 19 September 2019

While you were sleeping – the stories you missed overnight

Five stories you need to know

*Taoiseach Enda Kenny will seek to pitch to low-income earners and "broaden the appeal" of his party ahead of the general election.  A new support payment for working families, more hikes in the minimum wage and welfare reforms will form Fine Gael's pitch to low-income workers. Kenny will attempt to break down clearly how the economic recovery will benefit those on low incomes. The plan will see Fine Gael move in on areas of policy which are usually the preserve of the Labour Party.

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* Public order offences are more prevalent in Donnybrook in Dublin 4 - one of the country's most affluent addresses - than in Finglas, Clondalkin or Ballyfermot, the Irish Independent reports. And Galway city has a lower rate than Ballinasloe or Kilconnell, while the gourmet capital of Ireland - Kinsale - has the highest rate in Cork county. This is outside of the city centre areas covered by Anglesea Street and the Bridewell garda stations. Public order offending ranges from drunkenness and violent disorder to trespass, prostitution and begging.

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*The Herald runs photos of a savage brawl in a north town Dublin town on its front page. The brawl happened after closing time at the local nightclubs, when tempers boiled over between a group of three men in their early 20s. The full-scale punch-up between two of the men lasted around 15 minutes. There were no gardai on the scene at the time.

*Irish singer Sinead O’Connor was last night receiving medical attention after she posted a message on Facebook which claimed she had “taken an overdose” in an Irish hotel, the Irish Daily Star, the Irish Daily Mirror, and The Irish Sun report. Sinead (48) referred to her son’s recent ill health and an impending court case in the post. “The last two nights finished me off. I have taken an overdose. There is no other way to get respect. I am not at home, I’m at a hotel, somewhere in Ireland, under another name,” she said. The newspapers report that the singer received medical attention.

*President Barack Obama paid a late-night tribute to those killed in the terrorist attacks in Paris. The US president's motorcade went straight from Orly Airport to the Bataclan concert hall, one of the sites the terrorists struck on November 13. French president Francois Hollande and the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, joined Mr Obama. Each placed a single flower at a makeshift memorial and Mr Obama bowed his head in silence.


*Clean energy technology is the key to fighting global warming, world leaders at a meeting on climate change in Paris. Government and business leaders will pledge billions of pounds to research and develop a technical fix to the planet's climate woes. Microsoft founder Bill Gates, US president Barack Obama and French president Francois Hollande will launch a joint initiative today in Paris. A key goal is to bring down the cost of cleaner energy. At least 19 governments and 28 leading world investors, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, billionaires George Soros and Saudi Prince Alaweed bin Talal, and Jack Ma of China's Alibaba, have signed on so far.
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