Monday 16 September 2019

While you were sleeping: The stories you missed overnight

This morning's Irish Independent
This morning's Irish Independent

France remains on high alert after a suicide vest was found in a bin in a southern suburb.

It contained bolts and the same type of explosive used in the November 13 attacks on the French capital, officials have revealed.

An official said laboratory analysis showed that the explosive material was TATP - used in seven other explosive vests in the attacks which killed 130 people and wounded hundreds of others.

In addition, the vest was found in the same zone where the mobile phone of a man sought by police was located.

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Police have been conducting a manhunt to find Salah Abdeslam, but it is not known if the explosive vest was abandoned by him.

Meanwhile Brussels is entering its fourth day in lockdown.

Schools are set to reopen on Wednesday as well as parts of the subway system which have been shut in recent days, but the city will remain at the highest level of alert for at least another week, the country's prime minister Charles Michel said.

The US has also issued new travel advice, advising citizens to exercise extra caution while travelling over the holiday period.

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Two men have been charged in relation a deadly bomb attack on a shrine in Bangkok.

20 people were killed and 120 injured during the bombing in August.

The papers

The Irish Independent leads with the latest developments in the IFA payment controversy.

The President of the Irish Farmers Association Eddie Downey has stepped aside as the group will carry out an independent review of salaries and packages.

An investigation also shows the huge amount of leaders of other unions and organisations who refuse to disclose their earnings.

The Irish Times also lead with the decision of the IFA president to step aside.

The paper also reports on the merger of Pfizer and Allergan, claiming the state could benefit to the tune of €620m.

The Irish Examiner reports that the €5m Banking Inquiry report will be shelved.

According to the paper, the 750-page draft document has been criticised for containing factual errors.

‘I’ve just done a very bad thing’ is the headline in this morning’s Herald, the paper reporting on the words of a young man after a frenzied knife attack resulted in the death of his mother.

The Irish Daily Star, The Mirror and The Sun also leads on the death in Co Cork yesterday.

The Irish Daily Mil reports that the US investigation into the death of Irish father Jason Corbett is complete.

A spokesperson for Davidson County Sheriff told the paper that ‘the matter is now in the hands of the District Attorney’.

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