Thursday 26 April 2018

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A man has died following teh crash
A man has died following teh crash

A man is in a critical condition in hospital after a crash between a motorbike and a bus on Constitution Hill in the north of Dublin City in the early hours of the morning.

The collision happened at around 1am.

It is understood the crash happened near the Dublin Bus depot.

The road was closed to traffic overnight while garda crash investigators assessed the scene.

Diversions were still in place this morning but the road was expected to open before the morning rush hour.

In New Mexico a girl (4) has died after being shot in a road rage incident in New Mexico.

Authorities are searching for a suspect after the shooting on Interstate 40 in Albuquerque on Tuesday afternoon, local time.

The little girl was rushed to hospital, but later died. Her parents, who were also in the car, escaped injury.

Police say it is not immediately clear what may have led the incident on the city's west side to escalate.


Nine people are missing in an overnight blast at an east China factory on Wednesday, state media said, the latest in a string of warehouse and plant explosions.

The blast occurred at Shandong Tianbao Chemical Industry Corporation in Shandong province's Pingyi county, Xinhua news agency said, adding that the company made civilian-use explosive materials.

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In the US a manhunt is underway for a gunman who opened fire at an event celebrating zombie pop culture, killing one person, injuring six others and sending thousands of attendees scrambling for cover, according to a police spokesman. "We've gotten numerous tips," Fort Myers police chief, Dennis Eads told a press conference on Monday. "We have several leads that we are following right now ... I'm very confident we'll find out who did this."

Indonesia's president will soon sign a decree authorising the use of chemical castration to punish paedophiles, the attorney general said, following a string of headline-grabbing child sex crimes.

Indonesia will join a small group of nations that allows such punishment, including Poland, Russia, and Estonia, as well as some U.S. states. In 2011, South Korea became the first Asian country to use chemical castration as a punishment.

"We are very concerned about child molestation abuse cases. This phenomenon has reached extraordinary levels," Attorney General H.M. Prasetyo told reporters after a cabinet meeting late on Tuesday.

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Closer to home, The Irish Independent lead with the headline - 'RA army council runs Sinn Fein, say provos'. The story reveals that the paramilitary review says IRA members believe the army council 'oversees' Sinn Feinn. The Independent also reports that provo crime godfathers are engaged in drug dealing and extortiuon.

Elsewhere, the Herald runs with a disturbing image of a grandmother who was punched in the face as she returned home from mass.

Jennifer Lynch

Jennifer Lynch

Andrew Smith (31), who took part in an attack on the great-grandmother (72), has been jailed for two-and-a-half years for his part in the assault.

Elsewhere, the Irish Daily Mail runs with the IRA Army Council story on its front page with the headline: 'So do you answer to the IRA or to the voters, Mary Lou?'

The Sun covers the tragic story of little Thomas Connors, the four-year-old boy who has been orphaned after his parents, Thomas and Sylvia, were killed in the Carrickmines fire. He is due to be released from hospital today.

The Irish Daily Mirror runs with a story about a boy (8) who was savaged in a dog attack. The youngster needs surgery after his face and ear mauled. 

The Irish Times leads with claims by Northern Ireland's First Minister who says that there are only weeks to save Stormont  after the assessment by a British-government appointed panel that the IRA council still exists.

The Irish Examiner also runs with the IRA story and says there will be no State action on IRA legacy claims. The paper says that there will be no 'knee-jerk' response despite the findings of two separate reports.

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