Saturday 24 August 2019

While you were sleeping - all the stories you missed overnight

The front page of today's Irish Independent
The front page of today's Irish Independent Newsdesk Newsdesk

Kurdish Iraqi fighters, backed by the US-led air campaign, launched an assault aiming to retake the strategic town of Sinjar from the Islamic State (IS) group.

It was overran last year in an onslaught that caused the flight of tens of thousands of Yazidis and first prompted the US to launch airstrikes against the militants.

The Kurdish Regional Security Council said some 7,500 peshmerga fighters are closing in on the mountain town from three fronts in an effort to take control and cut off a strategic supply line used by IS militants.

It said the Kurds wish to establish "a significant buffer zone to protect the city and its inhabitants from incoming artillery".

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In Tokyo, wo veterans from opposing sides in one of harshest battles of the Second World War have shaken hands and sipped tea as part of a reconciliation programme between the UK and Japan.

Roy Welland, 94, a former British Army sergeant, and Taiji Urayama, 93, an ex-Imperial Army lieutenant, survived the Battle of Kohima in northern India, near the Burmese border, and met for the first time at a British Embassy reception in Tokyo.

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In Ireland, it's a busy day on the front pages.

'Coalition promises 266,000 extra jobs in next five years' reads the front page of the Irish Independent. The newspaper reports as Apple announce 1,000 extra jobs at their Cork plant. Today, the Coalition will launch a plan aimed at putting more people in work than ever before.

The Herald leads with the front page 'Ex-minister 'victims' abuse diary' and reports how a diary kept by an alleged victim of sexual abuse by a former government minister will be central to a garda investigation into the claims.

The Irish Examiner leads with the headline 'Forensic chief in warning on DNA database'. The newspaper reports how the agency boss has claimed the facility is 'unsuitable' to operate the register.

'We'll sue gardai' reads the front page of the Irish Daily Star. Two teenagers involved in a fatal car crash claim they will take a case against the gardai, after they refused to stop for the law.

The Irish Daily Mirror leads with the headline 'Cathriona mum's hell at cruel lies'. The mother of the tragic Tipperary makeup artist and budding actress has denied she had a fall-out with her daughter before her sudden death.

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