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Wednesday 18 September 2019

While you were sleeping - all the stories you missed overnight

A Kayan woman, from one of Myanmar’s ethnic minority groups, shows her ink-stained finger after she voted in Panpet village, in Kayah state
A Kayan woman, from one of Myanmar’s ethnic minority groups, shows her ink-stained finger after she voted in Panpet village, in Kayah state
Just 24pc of first-year full-time students at TCD are in receipt of student grants
Independent TD Catherine Murphy: 'Given the circus of setbacks the commission has suffered since its inception in early June, it is difficult to believe the Government is serious about getting any real answers to the serious questions surrounding IBRC and certain transactions'
Victim: David Douglas
A mother holds her baby on board a Turkish coastguard ship after they were rescued following a failed attempt at crossing to the Greek island of Lesbos Newsdesk Newsdesk

Jubilant Burmese opposition supporters have begun parading through the streets as ¬preliminary results pointed to sweeping election gains for the party of democracy champion Aung San Suu Kyi.

The National League for Democracy (NLD) seems poised for power more than 50 years ¬after the military took over the country in a coup.

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Meanwhile Russian investigators said they are “90 pc” sure that a noise heard in the final seconds of the fatal Airbus A321 crashed in was an explosion caused by a bomb.

"The indications and analysis so far of the sound on the black box indicate it was a bomb," said an investigation team member.

"We are 90 pc sure it was a bomb."

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The Airbus A321 crashed 23 minutes after taking off from the Sharm al-Sheikh tourist resort eight days ago, killing all 224 passengers and crew.

Islamic State militants fighting Egyptian security forces in Sinai said they brought it down.

In Europe, the president of the European Council has warned German leader Angela Merkel that she needs to do more to help secure the continent’s external borders.

Donald Tusk praised the German government's readiness to accept hundreds of thousands of migrants, describing its leadership role as "the most liberal and tolerant in European history".

However, he urged the German chancellor to do more to control the migrant influx to ensure that the EU's borders are properly protected.

"I understand why, due to historical reasons, Germany may have difficulty setting up a strict regime on its [own] borders," he said ahead of a meeting with Mrs Merkel in Berlin.

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Meanwhile, in Ireland, the Irish Independent leads with the news that the majority of places at Irish universities are being filled by students from better-off families.

New data shows teenagers from wealthier homes are filling the lion's share of the most sought-after honours degree courses, including elite high-points programmes.

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The first ever breakdown of the proportion of first year students in receipt of grants in each college, highlights a wide disparity between the universities and the institutes of technology.

In the most extreme example, 71 pc of students in Letterkenny Institute of Technology are on a grant, compared with 24 pc in Trinity and 28 pc in UCD.

The figures will now be used help inform a new strategy to level the playing pitch for access to higher education, said HEA chief executive Tom Boland.

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The Herald leads with a report on the shooting of drug dealer David 'Daithí' Douglas (54), who was targeted by a gunman as he walked his dog near his in north Dublin last night.

The 54-year-old was hit at least three times in the chest after a car pulled up alongside him and a gunman opened fire. Douglas collapsed to the ground as the car sped off.

Neighbours raised the alarm and he was rushed to the Mater hospital, where he was clinging to life last night.

Douglas, who received a five-year prison sentence after he was caught with more than €500,000 worth of cocaine in 2008, was walking his dog in his home neighbourhood at Killala Road when the assailant opened fire at 7.30pm.

The Irish Sun and the Irish Daily Mirror also lead with the same story.

The Irish Daily Mail leads with an attack on the Government’s plans for rent control by Fine Gael TD Tom Barry, who says he plans to sell his entire property portfolio.

Mr Barry said he expects many other landlords to do the same.

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The Irish Examiner and the Irish Times reports the Government is to broaden its investigation into the sale of Siteserv to businessman Denis O’Brien.

The Government is expected to rush through emergency legislation this week to overcome any legal obstacles that might halt the Commission of Investigation’s work into IBRC.

This comes after the head of the state’s commission of investigation, Judge Brian Cregan, drew up a damning report on the probe.

Mr Cregan is understood to have told the government that the commission has not been given sufficient powers to look into certain transactions at IBRC.

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